Mega evolution

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GuiihMorceliih posted this 04 August 2017


No poke rpg will have mega evolution ?

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A posted this 04 August 2017

That would be great.

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admin posted this 08 August 2017

I have no plan, but now with you topic I just got a great idea.

I could create online tournament, and the winners will get Mega Stones...


What do you think?

GuiihMorceliih posted this 08 August 2017

It would be really cool, I liked it


djjunior posted this 10 August 2017

You know that I think also that the Pokémon are searched by region osea that the region that chooses for example joto aparescan pure joto the idea is so that they can be added those of alola that are the same but with other abilities

ender posted this 26 October 2017

  • Awesome !!! So if anyone win a tournament he is going to get a mega stone ?  

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sch0021 posted this 28 March 2019