as many of you already know when going up to a certain level we will see a small screen where we have to decide whether to evolve or not, if you decide that if the pokemon will evolve and the combat will continue normally, but the problem is if you decide not to, yes you decide that the rival pokemon will not come out, for example imagine that your bulbasaur defeats the brock onyx and goes up to level 16, if you decide to evolve it golem will come out, but if you decide not to evolve it, the golem will not appear, therefore you will not be able to get the medal, but that is not the worst, the worst thing is that if at that level the pokemon learns a movement, when deciding not to evolve it simply will not learn it, for example monferno evolves at level 36 and learns close combat at the same level, if you decide not evolve it monferno will not learn close combat by forcing you to pay $ 2500, I hope they solve this error as soon as possible